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These are the terms to our warranty policy that is located on the label affixed to each mattress. Please review the warranty at the time of purchase.

Leader Mattress requires that the mattress that you wish to have repaired be in good condition. This state of being is defined as "any mattress that has been slept upon under normal sleeping wear, with minimal indentations and with the innersprings able to be supportive and reflexive to stress." If the mattress has only been subjected to normal sleeping wear, defined as "no indentations caused by excessive over abuse" then the mattress will be inspected and repaired with the warranty covering the charge for the defect.

Our warranty policy states that "the mattress must not have been bent, wet, or otherwise abused" enable for the consumer to not be charged for repair costs. Examples of excessive over abuse that will null and void our warranty agreement are follows:

- Kids or adults jumping on mattresses.
- Deliberate bending from being tied to a car or truck.
- Soiled mattress caused from urine, blood or other human matter accidentally or   deliberately applied to the cover.
- Deliberate or accidental cuts or gouges to the mattress and frame.
- Dropping mattress from a second story building or taller height.
- Burn holes caused from cigar or cigarettes.
- Holes, rips, tears caused by animal bites or claw marks.
- Storage of heavy boxes, appliances, home furnishings on a mattress.
- Broken springs caused by having more than three or more persons sleeping on   one mattress.
- Mishandling or moving the mattress in such a way that it becomes curved or   stretched and/or springs are crushed or bent.

Leader Mattress recommends to its customers to turn their mattresses over every 3-4 months so that the mattress can wear evenly. For those that have non-flip mattresses this procedure is not applicable. Doing this recommendation will preserve your mattress and extend its life.

Leader Mattress wants to assure their customers that we will do everything to accommodate their purchase and insure a peaceful rest upon our excellence bedding products. We thank you for your purchase and appreciate your business!