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Proof of purchase is required for this service agreement to be in effect.

Leader Mattress would like to refer you to the warranty policy that is stitched on your mattress. Please read the warranty before reading the rest of these procedures!

Our policy states that defective items must "be reported to the selling dealer." Leader Mattress does not have the capacity to pick up mattresses from individual customer's homes. It is essential that you return the mattress to the store that you purchased it from and then they will contact us regarding a repair order. Leader will pick up and ship the mattress back to our warehouse for inspection.

If the store in which you purchased the mattress has gone out of business then you may contact Leader Mattress and request an inspection service. However, it is up to the customer to pay for shipping of the mattress to our warehouse.

If individuals are located in Southern California and wish to deliver the mattress to our business then that will be permissible. Below are the repair procedures for those who would like to drive their mattress to our location:

1. Bring the mattress to our warehouse.

2. Go to our front office and pick up paperwork for your service. Present your proof of purchase at this time. (A bill of sale or receipt is fine).

3. Take the mattress to our dock.

4. The inspection will take approximately 5-7 business days. We will contact you with the results (this could be earlier than the stated time).

5. The inspection is free, however any repair work done at your request that is not part of our warranty will be charged to you enable to fix.